Partnership with Intel


We Smart Navigation Systems are pleased to announce our partnership with Intel to develop smart solutions related to different use cases utilizing Intel technology that is powered by IoT, such as Intel Connected Logistic Platform (ICLP). The ICLP forms a comprehensive ecosystem that connects logistics warehouses, in-transit vehicles, high-value assets, and remote cloud-based management tools. It constitutes gateways, smart sensors, and cloud-connected services. It monitors temperature, tilt, light, location, and humidity.

With this partnership, SNS is building up on top of Intel infrastructure and technologies to improve our offered solutions for multiple sectors and use cases such as warehouse management, freight management, logistics and supply chain management.

Our currently developed transportation management platform and mobile app OurSchoolBus is presently used for schools use cases. It can be quickly adopted and customized to serve different use cases and now will be more effective once powered by Intel smart technology.

Our indoor location-based solution InNav is configurable for many use cases for consumers and corporate users. Integrating with Intel infrastructure and technologies will expand the scope of served use cases with more intelligence and value-added opportunities.

The integration of Smart Navigation Systems solutions with Intel technologies and solution brings the benefits of improving the following functions and services:

  • Real-time asset tracking and monitoring on outdoor and indoor maps
  • Route management and optimization
  • Presenting the data and information received from Intel CLP in detailed outdoor and indoor maps
  • Enhance the geofencing functions to improve the operational and administrative requirements
  • Improve the level of spatial analyses and produce heat maps to have better insight for predictive and preventive analyses

This partnership will keep us among the leading technology company in the UAE, providing innovative solutions to the Gulf and the Middle East.

The collaboration with Intel will allow us to optimize the value that we are providing to our customers through the platform that we have developed.

Being recently a member of the Hub71 incentive program and with extending our partnerships, we are continuing our role in adding positive contribution in building up or UAE innovation ecosystem.