Our solution is smart indoor positioning and navigation (IPIN) mobile application where users with the help of a smartphone can receive indoor voice guided navigation and location based information alerts to make it easy to find and explore places and items in places like shopping malls, museums or other “big” buildings catering to the needs of visitors. The initiative is run under the UAE based startup Smart Navigation System.

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Main features

The platform and the application has unique smart specifications and functionality such as :

  • Indoor positioning and navigation on mobile devices (Android & IOS) supporting multi-floors with voice guidance and distance to the destination
  • One mobile application that works for all types of venues anywhere in the world
  • 2D & 3D maps in the mobile devices with smart functionalities
  • Configurable themes & colors for the mobile application
  • Search functionality in the mobile app by venue, type, category, facilities, brands and products
  • Configurable without coding for different types of venues such as shopping malls, museums, exhibitions, airports, universities and hospitals
  • Venue administration from panel to manage content maps, users and privileges
  • Modular in design for integration with multiple positioning engines technologies (Radio Frequency based and Geomagnetic)
  • Flexible setup and options for every venue
  • Displays the nearest venue with distance
  • Seamless outdoor to indoor voice guided navigation
  • Platform is customizable for non-consumer market applications (factories, warehouses,..)
  • Find friends option (with their permission) and navigation to their location
  • User privacy management
  • Specialized functionality for children tracking with a dedicated mobile app
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Provides analytics and heatmaps on venue visitors behavior

How can I use it?

Willing venue owners like shopping malls, hospitals, airports, exhibitions and museums contact us and we give them access to InNAv control panel. Hence venue and shop owners get the authorized secure access for entering and maintaining data about shops, products, information and campaigns as well as accessing the analytical data and information about the venue visitor behavior. The venue is added to InNav mobile application as private or public venue.